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So let me get this straight: Myrtle Beach/Horry County cancelled the tornado drill due to BAD WEATHER? What kind of friggin' weather are they expecting during the tornado?


I have never heard as much profanity in one place as I have heard at Kimbel Library at CCU. Worse than any bar. To those of you who talk out loud on your cell phones: Shut up! No one cares what you did; you are not important.


To all the feelings that were hurt over the homosexual rage: Quit your crying. Everyone has their own opinion as you all know, considering you alls' opinion is shoved down everyone's throats. It's OK for you all to offend me but when you are offended it's a completely different ball of wax; makes no sense to me. Regardless, if your lifestyle were normal it wouldn't be necessary to convince everyone that it is indeed normal.


From a purely sociological observation, I must say that the Grand Strand and the aspects of culture that manifest lead me to ascertain that it is one banal and unsophisticated area. The Surge is a good source for consolidating the Strand's lack of creativity, individuality and intellectualism and abundance of influence from the Orwellian and materialistic mainstream media and Corporate America, not to mention Judeo-Christian hypocrisy. Also, it is fun to see the Southern rural, bucolic country hayseed thing. From the fabricated, clown-faced, insecure to the rotted-teeth, alcohol-drenched locals who tool around on mopeds and sell dirt weed. The well-meaning Party Pix are always good for a sigh/chuckle. I actually can see dudes with hats on backwards flashing hand signs with goofy facial hair. They look like the demographic for dork-a-thon cage fights that are now featured in the area. Yea! Also, shaved-head guy with the goth/rocker T-shirt with the scary graphics twisting around his body. I see that look advertised for K-Mart in flyers modeled by 10-year-olds. At least your fine editor got rid of that ubiquitous, deer hunter, country boy baseball jock goatee and grew the beard out. The hayseedyness trickles on down to the D.I.Y. scene as well. Even one of your own music contributors doesn't even know who Fugazi is. Whoa. And the one who does know is the anti-hayseed who actually is one. That's the beach for ya. There will be a great gnashing of teeth for the xenophobic sheep of places like the Strand when the trucks stop bringing food and booze and the power goes out.