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Noticed how most of the girls here just want to binge on drugs, get lazy and fat. Who in the hell would marry them?


I will be nice and not call this dentist a con artist, and his practice a scam. However, I will be honest and say their prices are completely outrageous! Last month I got an estimate for services needed, and the price was ridiculous! I went to another dentist for a second opinion. Not only did the second dentist say that I did not really (need) all that work done, but also provided me with a quote that was $1000 cheaper. The second dentist actually handed me a mirror and showed me my problems and said he is willing to work with me on payments, whereas all the (other) dentist tried to do is get me into a line of credit with a credit card company they are obviously in cahoots with. The one positive thing I can say about (the first dentist office) is the fact that they have TVs with headphones for the client to watch while getting work done. However, with the money I will save going to dentist #2, I can buy my own d*mn flat screen TV. It really burns me up to think that I almost got cheated!


It was nice to see The Weekly Surge prints both sides of the story. I could not believe what was printed two weeks ago in regards to gay movies at Blockbuster.


This message is directed to the guy who wished he had his concealed weapon permit: You are just as big an asshole as the punk from N.C. If you couldn't whip him with your bare hands, keep your mouth shut and your gun holstered.