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Kristy McPherson: Still trying to find a groove as season gets underway

The first two events of the 2010 season are under our belt and it sure is good to be Ai Miyazato. Ai took home the trophy in Thailand and in Singapore. The first time a player has won the first two events of the season since 1966. Pretty impressive, Ai.

As for me, well, it wasn't the best start I could have hoped for. I played with Ai one day during Singapore and I saw everything that I was supposed to be doing, but clearly wasn't.

I finished right in the middle of the pack both weeks with a lot of rounds right around even par. Unfortunately, even par doesn't get you much out here.

Even though I didn't play as well as I would have liked the first two weeks of the year, it was a good start to the season. It was really nice to get back out on the course and be competitive again with the best in the world. I was a little rusty coming out of the off season, but I saw some good things to build from.

The toughest part of getting back at it is our new groove rule. Starting in January, professional golfers can no longer play old grooves. The new grooves are designed to spin less and make the game more difficult by not having the ball stop on a dime.

For me however, I have never been a big spinner of the golf ball. But with these new grooves I seem to spin them a ton more than my old ones. So over time I think my caddie and I will be able to use that to our advantage. But for the first two weeks out it fooled us a few times and is going to take lots of practice and some getting used to.

Good news for me is I have three weeks off before our next event in San Diego. This will give me some time to really work with the new grooves and really get my yardages pinned down, especially with my wedges, which is where we make our money on the golf course.

So now all that is left of the first overseas trip is the 18-hour flight home. I will fly out of Singapore tomorrow and land in Newark 18 hours later, then home to Tampa, Fla., from there.

Let's hope this trip is better than the one over here, which ended up being a 38-hour trip with a stop in Newark then on to Anchorage, Alaska, then to Taipei then finally arriving in Bangkok.

Yes, I said Anchorage, Alaska. See this golf business takes you everywhere. But I would prefer to stop in Alaska for some fishing on vacation, not at 1 a.m. to get kicked off the plane for a few hours. Oooh, the joys of traveling.

So back to work for me so I can find my 'A' game to bring with me to California in three weeks. Until then, I hope it warms up for you so you can get out on the course yourselves.