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Kohn ends Olympics with a 13th in four-man bobsled

Myrtle Beach resident Mike Kohn and his USA-3 sled finished 13th Saturday in the final standings of the four-man bobsled at the Winter Olympics.

Kohn's sled had a four-run combined time of 3 minutes and 27.32 seconds.

Driver Steven Holcomb and his USA-1 sled took gold with a combined time of 3:24.46.

Kohn's sled was in 12th after the first two runs Friday with a combined time of 1:43.11 (51.69 first run, 51.42 second). His first run on Saturday was 52.10 seconds, which dropped him from 12th to 13th in the overall standings with one run left. His final run was 52.11 and kept him in 13th.

Kohn, a Columbia native, is the sled's driver and teamed with Jamie Moriarty, Bill Schuffenhauer and Nick Cunningham.

German legend Andre Lange, who failed to win a gold medal for the first time in five Olympic events, had a nearly perfect final run to win the silver in what he says will be his final race. Lange finished 0.38 seconds behind Holcomb and his team of Justin Olsen, Steve Mesler and Curt Tomasevicz.

Lyndon Rush drove Canada-1 to the bronze.