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To the little teenaged puke in the Mustang with North Carolina tags who for no reason flipped off my 84-year old father who was sitting in the back seat of the car, and then told my dad you would "kick his old a--": You better be glad I don't have my concealed weapon permit yet, you little piece of scum, or else you'd be a statistic and a grease stain in the restaurant parking lot.


To the people from up North: I know how to drive, and you don't. I thought you people knew how, guess not 'cause you suck at making left turns, so sorry we don't have to take a right and go around a long ass circle to make a left. Please, God, stop driving!


This is in response to the person that complained about the gay-themed movies and then proceeded to lump homosexuals with African-Americans and Hispanics as the reason for "the white population is dwindling." First, it is not only happening less than a mile from your home, we are on your TV, in your government, probably in your family whether you know it or not, AND we even have a column in this publication! Secondly, many homosexuals are white, so we as a group are not thinning the white population. If you weren't so busy being a hate-monger you might have realized that before you started to shoot your ignorant mouth off! Do the world a favor and pull that swastika out of your ass!


To the idiot commenting about homosexuals: GROW UP! Have some respect for people and the way they wish to live. It's 2010! HELLO! Just because you are a dumbass and inconsiderate doesn't mean you have to say things about how the way people choose to live their life being a disgrace. Let's hope your stupidity and lack of respect isn't contagious. If it is, the world is screwed.


In regards to "Watch Out, It's Contagious": I also live less than a mile from the Surfside Blockbuster. You thought it was a disgrace when you saw 4 new releases that were about "gay love." I went to Blockbuster and asked an employee how many new releases were on their wall? They had 983 that day. On page 8 of the paper that printed your Rage is a weekly "A Gay in the Life" article. The Surge had 32 pages. You do the math. You also said some really racist comments and ended your rant with, I quote; "the white population is dwindling! Someone has to stop this fast!" I can't believe people like you still exist. It's 2010. It doesn't matter what your sexual preference is, and it really doesn't matter what color your skin is or where you're from.