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A look at North Myrtle Beach

North Myrtle Beach officials are expecting this year to be about the same as 2009.

"We think revenues will be stable with some slight growth potential," City Manager John Smithson said. "We are hopeful that there will be increased building activity, with some modest increase in commercial growth. We are also hopeful that we are beginning to see an upturn and return in confidence in our tourist economy."

In addition, city officials are not expecting to see much growth in revenues this year and are taking the same approach to balancing the city's budget as they have in the previous budget year.

"We are expecting revenues to stay flat with only slight increases," Smithson said.

"We also do not see evidence of a recovery in multifamily construction. There may be come recovery in single-family and commercial construction.

"We are approaching our budget as we did in our current year," Smithson said.

"We are trying to match expenditures with revenues, continuing to cut back as we need to, while meeting essential service demands."

- Janelle Frost