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Bettinardi Golf's 2010 putter lineup

Milled-putter maker Bettinardi Golf has unveiled its 2010 putter lineup months after returning to the industry as a independent "boutique golf company" The new Country Club (CC) Series putter line is in addition to the company's 2010 BB Series. The CC series model is a classic heel-toe design finished in Satin Nickel that offers a customization component: an emblazoned logo on the sole of the putter to showcase a company, club, association or school. Suggested retail for the customized putter is $325.

The BB Series includes five putter models, all plated with a Black Nickel finish that guarantee the highest level of durability. Each model is milled with a single sightline to aid with alignment and has a 3 degree loft. Every BB putter has a pistol style grip and a patented Black Bettinardi Head cover, and the series retails for $275. Visit

The BB1 has a traditional heel-toe weighted design with a rounded shape punctuated with soft edges; the BB8 has a sleek appearance with a neck that is milled in a heel basis position to promote additional toe hang; the BB25 has a modern blade style and slightly tapered body; the BB26 is center shafted and heel-toe weighted and incorporates elements from the BB1 but with a center shafted zero offset; the BB32 is a face-balanced mallet with a classic pear-shaped profile at address.

Mizuno's new MP T-10 Series wedges

Mizuno has introduced the new MP T-10 Series of wedges featuring patented Quad Cut Groove Technology. The wedges combine Mizuno's patented Grain Flow Forged feel groove design, and a head shape and sole designed to provide spin and precision in the short game. The wedges are forged from 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel to provide soft, solid and consistent feel around greens. An innovative 360 sole grind and thinner top line deliver shot-making versatility. With the high-spin Quad Cut Grooves, Mizuno has precise control of the width, depth, draft angle and shoulder radius of each and every groove. Mizuno says the result is maximum spin control and ball stopping power in all conditions.

The wedges feature a classic teardrop headshape, are available in both a durable Plated White Satin finish and a Raw Black Satin, are available in a variety of bounce configurations, and come in lofts between 50 and 64 degrees. Standard shaft is the True Temper Dynamic Gold Wedge flex, and standard grip is the Mizuno/Golf Pride M-21 58 Round. Other shafts, grips, loft and lie adjustments are available through Mizuno's custom club department. Suggested retail price for the MP T-10 wedges is $120. They conform to USGA rules for all amateurs through 2013, but are non-conforming for major pro tours. Visit