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I was in Vegas for a while and I noticed how friendly and how in shape most of the girls were out there. I even saw a very attractive girl who was in a wheelchair working out at the gym and who had a great attitude. So S.C. and N.C. girls...what's your excuse?


Isn't it ironic that on the Super Bowl preview shows MATT MILLEN is among the experts touting his opinion on who's going to do well and win the game. He's the GM that ran the Detroit Lions into the ground and the "perfect" season. Expert indeed!


It is sad to hear that the Helping Hand office of Myrtle Beach will stop helping those families that need financial help. Here is a suggestion: Instead of the city spending $23 million on different city projects (boardwalk project) how about the city giving Helping Hand some of that $23 million and help out the Myrtle Beach families that need financial help. I just wonder do our city leaders care more about the image of Myrtle Beach or the people that live in the city of Myrtle Beach? I hope and pray that they (city leaders) do care about the people of Myrtle Beach and NOT the image of Myrtle Beach.


Every time I wear my boyfriend's Navy sweatshirt I get a lot of things asked or said to me. I don't mind a lot of it but what bugs me is when I get the "(insert military service) is better!" First off, when did the U.S. military become a competition? From my understanding every person in the U.S. military is fighting for the same purpose, to protect and serve the American people. One service may seem to be doing more work but it's like football; you think Drew Brees fought and won that Super Bowl himself? Don't think so. So I don't care what branch of the military you are in, that's awesome and I appreciate the work you did or are doing...but if you want to walk around like a badass and think you are better than anyone else, especially others that serve or have served in the military, here's 3 words: GET OVER YOURSELF!