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Really nice of the phone companies to set up a text number to send $10 for aid to Haiti, and then note "MESSAGE CHARGES MAY APPLY!" How charitable of you!


I hope I am not the only one who is tired of watching and hearing about what happened down in Haiti. I am sorry what happened to those people down there, but it is time to move on from this. Plus all those organizations that want us U.S. citizens to help out, well I think with the U.S. sending $100 million of the taxpayers' money to Haiti is enough. With the economy the way it is in this country, maybe we should concentrate more on helping the U.S. citizens and less on others in this world.


I noticed a "lost bloodhound" ad in the paper a few days ago. Gee, if he was worth a damn, don't you think he'd follow his own scent home?


Thanks a lot to the bitch who always comes into my job with her family of 7. While your little boy and husband pick their fat noses and your little girl pours all the salt and sugar out on the table, you somehow seem to find a way to block all that out so you can pour your frustration onto me. I also appreciate that you always request to sit in my section - parting is such sweet sorrow. Your bill is always over $150 and you've never tipped me over $5. I'm not sure how you've managed to do it, but I'm always impressed by your ordering skills and the difficulty it takes to pull off your requests. You really should get some sleep at night instead of staying awake thinking of ways to piss off everyone that works in our kitchen. Also, when you order the children's plates, they come with a drink. I always have to take the first drink order which is always large waters for your four-year-olds that will spill them...and then a separate order of all chocolate milks when you order your food. You stay in my section for hours and don't tip; you won't even call in the survey that says I'm doing a good job. Do the free world a favor and stop eating out.


Why does the garbage truck have to come before dawn, making noise and waking people up before 5 a.m.?


How about a smoking ban in Myrtle Beach? How about the little kid at the arcade at Myrtle Beach who has to inhale smoke or the worker who can't go out to a bar at Broadway with his friends because he has breathing problems? Myrtle Beach has some of the most uneducated and lazy people of anywhere. A lot of drug addicts with no goals or motivation in life. That's why we have to hire foreign exchange students to work in the summer because most of the Americans here are just too lazy and unhealthy by choice.


To the lowlife that abandoned a sweet Siberian Husky in Carolina Forest, and said he didn't want her back - "too much trouble" - when we scanned her microchip at the vet and tried to contact the owner: We've found a better home for her, you make me sick. I hope karma gives you a serious beatdown, you scumbag!


This is for all the (discount chain) shoppers that cause a shopping cart traffic jam by stopping right in the middle of the aisle to talk on their cell phone while looking for their items: Guess what? You are not the only person shopping.Show a little courtesy, and move over!