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To all of you girls who have really good boyfriends and husbands who treat you very well and who choose just to bitch non-stop: Why don't you move or visit a third world country like Haiti or Sudan and then maybe you may be thankful for what you have.

Guys just leave 'em and move on; Life is too short.


A guy wrote a letter to the editor at The Sun News stating that he has to pass random drug tests to earn a paycheck. Why not random drug tests for people who are collecting welfare, subsidies, and other assistance paid for by our taxes? Mister, I like the way you think!


Just to vent: But why is it when people use the public soccer fields in the Atlantic Business Center they use the fields and parking lots of businesses to throw down their water bottles, uneaten food, food wrappers, dirty diapers and soccer shoes? You would not believe the buzzards, you know the kind of birds that eat dead stuff - that show up after the games to "clean" the field, but I just can't seem to get them to cross the street and clean up my parking lot. Hey people, if I leave a trash bag out for you - will you use it? Bunch of dirty, nasty jerks.


Not sure how you know that was your coworker's junk on craigslist because generally faces and junk aren't shown on the same pic. Makes me seriously think you have either seen it in person and are jealous of what he's got and/or you want to get your hot little hands on it. Either way, get over it and on with your work. He obviously isn't interested in you.


Why do police ride your a** when you are going the posted speed?


To you people working at the employment office: Why do you screw every thing up? I have been collecting temp unemployment for the past month and you have made me go back twice to sign papers that I was not to supposed even do in the first place which put my checks weeks behind! I bet a monkey from the local zoo knows more.