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Ask for a golf ruling with Cory Armstrong (Jan. 14, 2010)

QI see a lot of players, especially young ones, carrying orange and white rods in their bags. I'm told they use them as training aids. First, how do the rods help? Second, is it legal to carry them during a round?

AFrank, many top instructors encourage their students to use these rods during practice sessions. You can stick them in or lay them on the ground to check your swing plane, your alignment, where the ball flight is starting, and to prevent sliding while shifting your weight.

Rule 14-3 Artificial Devices, Unusual Equipment, and Unusual Use of Equipment prohibits us from using the rods for assistance during a round. If we did so, Decision 14-3/10.3 tells us that we would be disqualified since the rods are unusual equipment.

Carrying the rods is not, of itself, a breach of a Rule.