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Release of Adams' new woods 'Fast' approaching

Release of Adams' new woods 'Fast' approaching

Adams Golf is introducing the Speedline Fast 10 drivers and Speedline Fast 10 fairway woods to consumers on Jan. 15. The drivers are designed to increase clubhead speed to add yards and carry distance, and the fairway woods feature customizable precision-milled sole plates for greater distance out of a variety of lies.

The patent-pending aerodynamic shaping of the third-generation Fast 10 driver refines the technology to create 10 percent less drag and airflow turbulence than previous models. Adams says design improvements include a 100 percent increase in toe curvature and a 300 percent decrease in the heel curvature for even more efficient and stable airflow around the head. The new features reduce drag throughout the swing for a faster clubhead speed that generates more distance than previous models, with 10 percent higher moment of inertia.

The patent-pending design of the fairway woods feature strategically-placed weight pads to match the swing characteristics of different golfers: the standard model weight pad is positioned back for a higher launch; the draw model weight pad is positioned in the heel. They also have a 57 percent increase in the sole camber for more consistent ball striking. The suggested retail price is $399.99 for the Speedline Fast 10 drivers and $299.99 for the fairway woods. Visit