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Jenny Sanford’s book to be released in early Feb.

S.C. First Lady Jenny Sanford’s memoir will be released Feb. 5, months before the initial May publication date announced this fall.

The memoir, titled "Staying True," will "recall her shock and anguish upon discovering that her husband was having an affair with a woman in Argentina, and the further pain when she learned — just a day ahead of most Americans — that he had not ended the affair when she believed he had," according to the book’s publisher Ballantine Books, a division of Random House. "She reveals the source of her determination to be honest and forthright instead of the victim in the tabloid passion play that gripped the nation in June 2009," promotional material from the book’s publisher reads.

Gov. Mark Sanford admitted to a yearlong extramarital affair in June after returning from a secret trip to Argentina to visit his lover. His staff told the public he was hiking the Appalachian Trial.

In August, Jenny Sanford and her four sons moved out of the governor’s mansion and into the family’s Charleston beach house. In December, Jenny Sanford filed for divorce.

The book promises more insight into the Sanfords' personal life.

"Writing with uncommon candor from a deep well of spiritual strength, [Jenny] Sanford shares personal stories and life lessons from before and after she stepped into the public realm," the publisher says. "And she describes the many ways that the seductions of power can drive apart even the most committed couples."