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WOW! One casino boat isn't sailing; out of funds. So the county tells the only interested buyer - you will be responsible for the $200K owed in back fees - great idea! This could cause a $2 mil shortfall in the budget. Guess who's gonna get hit with a "save the budget" tax? Can you say WE (as in you and me)?


Dear city of Mullins: Having recently moved (to the Grand Strand) and not having cable TV yet, I have been fascinated to learn about your city through your "visit the city of Mullins" campaign that airs continuously during ad breaks on one of the three channels I am able to tune into. The fact that you have a Subway sandwich shop, Ace Hardware Store, and a bank within your city limits has me practically drooling to visit. As if that weren't enticement enough, am I to understand that there is also a real estate office, used car lot, and barber shop? Mullins, should your name be Utopia? The very thought that one city could house a Chinese take out and a cleaners at the same time certainly answers that question. Because you are adorable, Mullins, I actually would love to visit you and your futuristic stores and services but I am unable to because of one piece of omitted information in all of your promotional ads...Where the hell is Mullins?


(To) desperate women, especially past a certain age: A lot of women hoe it up in college, we forgive you. The problem is if you continue to do it into your late 20s and beyond. Grow up and act like a lady. Don't stay with or do crazy things to keep a guy when he's not committed to you. Jennifer Aniston gets paid enough to still be desperate and lonely. You don't!


Michael Vick voted 2009 winner of the Ed Block Courage Award: The Ed Block Courage Award recipient symbolizes professionalism, great strength and dedication. He is also a community role model.

I'd be surprised if the award's founders intended for the honor to be given to someone doing community service as part of the terms of his parole! Vick only got a chance to show this perceived form of courage on the football field because of the extreme cowardice it takes to murder helpless animals. Vick's teammates voted for the award, thus demonstrating how tone-deaf and out-of-touch NFL players are with reality. I'm all for second chances, but Vick never served an appropriate sentence. I also see no reason to celebrate his character, on or off the football field. I was tired of hearing about Vick when he was at Va. Tech and could not qualify for graduation and I'm still tired of hearing about him being overpaid to play a game while he never repaid society for his animal cruelty.


I am so friggin' tired of people who ramble on and on about Christmas and then the day after their tree is in the trash and their decorations are down. Give it a couple of days, please!