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The Sanford affair

First lady Jenny Sanford filed for divorce Friday, citing adultery. Gov. Mark Sanford admitted last June to carrying on an extramarital affair. A timeline of recent events.

June 2008. Gov. Sanford travels to Buenos Aires, Argentina on a taxpayer-funded trade mission. A year later,/ he admits to having a romantic encounter with Maria Belen Chapur during that trip. A relationship that started out friendly became romantic, he would say later.

September 2008. Gov. Sanford meets Chapur in New York City, according to a 2009 Associated Press interview.

January 2009. Gov. Sanford meets Chapur in New York City and the two spend time in the Hamptons, he later tells the AP.

January 2009. Jenny Sanford says she learned of her husband's affair by finding a letter on his desk.

February 2009. Gov. Sanford, accompanied by his spiritual advisor, travels to New York City, with his wife's permission, to end his extramarital affair with Chapur.

June 2009. The Sanfords enter a trial separation. Jenny Sanford says she ordered Sanford to have no contact with her or their four children. Jenny Sanford says she hoped the time apart would make the governor "realize what he might lose." She says she told Sanford not to contact Chapur.

June 24. Sanford is met at an Atlanta airport by a reporter from The State newspaper. Sanford staffers had told the public he was hiking the Appalachian Trail. But Sanford admits to a reporter he has been to Argentina but says he has been there alone.

June 24. Sanford, in an 18-minute speech later that day, admits he has been carrying on an extramarital affair and had been visiting Chapur for five days, including Father's Day weekend. E-mails between Gov. Sanford and Chapur, obtained by The State, confirm the affair.

July 1. Gov. Sanford tells the Associated Press of Chapur: "I will be able to die knowing that I had met my soul mate." In a wide-ranging interview, he also admits to "crossing lines" with other women.

July 2. Jenny Sanford issues a statement saying she is willing to forgive the governor.

July 17. Mark and Jenny Sanford leave the state for five days on a couple's retreat.

July 23. The Sanfords, including their four sons, embark on a two-week European vacation.

Aug. 7. Jenny Sanford moves out of the Governor's Mansion with her four sons. They now reside in the couple's Sullivan'[s Island home.

Aug. 18. Jenny Sanford tells Vogue magazine her husband was in the midst of a mid-life crisis and he was "just obsessed" with seeing Chapur.

Sept. 23. Jenny Sanford announces she is writing an inspirational memoir.

Dec. 3. Jenny Sanford opens the Governor's Mansion to holiday visitors, fulfilling one of her annual duties as first lady. She and the governor appear together only briefly.

Wednesday. Jenny Sanford, in a nationally televised interview, says her marriage faces "significant hurdles" along the road to reconciliation.

Thursday. Gov. Sanford says he hopes he and his wife can still reconcile. He says he has not been in contact with Chapur.

Friday. Jenny Sanford files for divorce in Charleston.