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I see another GM CEO is bailing out after eight months at the helm. Wonder how many millions of bailout dollars will be leaving with this Bozo?


I had the best birthday party at the really nice club on Mr. Joe White Ave. The girls there are soooo pretty and nice. Never seen as many beautiful women in one place.


How come I couldn't vote for City Mayor, City Council but I pay my taxes to them? My registration on my car is registered in M.B. which means I pay for school buses, road work, etc. I cannot understand why I am not allowed to decide who represents MB!


Thank you to the mom who brings her toddler shopping: Toddlers don't like shopping, matter of fact they absolutely hate it. As a retail worker I must admit that I don't appreciate toddlers shopping either, the store is a mess as it is, we need no help from wee boys and girls - oh and the screaming doesn't help the screaming. Don't bring your toddlers shopping and please no screaming at your kids, it's not necessary. They didn't beg you to go shopping, find a sitter!


Coming from a well-established guy, to all of you girls who sleep around with married guys and guys who have girlfriends: You are nothing but confused, misguided, uneducated trash. You are like damaged canned goods in a grocery store. No one will ever have a serious relationship with you or marry you regardless of how you look. There's a list going around the area that has several of these girls on it. Oh well, you dug your own social grave and now the dirt is coming in. Your own fault.