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Krank Golf's Rage driver

Krank Golf's Rage driver

Having won the Grand Champion Division of the Remax World Long Drive Championships for the past two years with its El Diablo Driver, Krank Golf has tried to top it with the new Rage driver. Krank, which does not manufacture irons, says the Rage provides quality in the key categories of ball speed, spin rate and durability, and conforms to USGA

and R&A standards.

Krank says its testing shows ball speeds coming off the Rage exceed those of all other drivers they've tested, including the El Diablo. The company tests spin rate with common long drive competition shafts including House of Forged, LT and Ultra shafts, as well as Fujikura Diesel and Diesel Tour shafts, and says results show a very low spin rate. And

the company says the Rage is durable enough to withstand swing speeds in excess of 150 mph. The Rage sells for between $349 and $449. Call 480-699-5041 or visit

Wilson Staff D:25 two-piece low compression golf ball

The new Wilson Staff D:25 two-piece low compression golf ball delivers minimal spin off the driver face utilizing Traction Control Technology that is being featured in the development of all the company's new balls. With the new USGA and R&A groove rule soon to be in effect, TCT is designed to improve stopping power into greens, improve carry

distance through higher spin production, and reduce fliers from the rough by engaging more contact with surface area and grooves. The D:25 promotes progressively higher spin as the player approaches the pin for shots inside 150 yards, and a 302-dimple design provides high lift conditions for more height on tee shots for more carry. The ball is designed

for players looking to hit longer drives and minimize mis-hit hooks and slices. Wilson says the balls are best matched to be used with the company's corresponding D-FY irons, and the suggested retail price is $29.99 per dozen. Visit or call 1-800-622-0444.