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Longer or shorter

There is another element when it comes to making a proper arcing motion in putting - the length and weight of your putter. When you get into the proper position at address following the essentials in putting, you might find your putter doesn't fit you. I have found that most golfers have a putter that doesn't fit them. So they are forced to make compensations in their setup and stroke, and compensations are hard to do consistently. I use a tool that allows me to determine the correct length and weight of a putter once they are set up correctly. Measure the distance from the top wrist crease down to the ground, which becomes the vertical leg of a triangle. Where the eyes hit the ground is measured in inches at the bottom of the vertical leg of the triangle. This measurement becomes the horizontal leg of a triangle. Once you have the vertical and horizontal leg of a triangle, square and add them together using the Pythagorean theory (A2+ B2 = C2) to calculate the diagonal leg of the triangle that, in turn, becomes the perfect length putter if determined when the player is in the proper posture. This is a simple system, but hard to do by yourself. The tool I use calculates this automatically. This is a crucial part of you becoming the "wizard" of the greens.