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DivotMat helps

DivotMat helps

with ball-striking

DivotMat is a training tool that shows golfers precisely how they are striking the ball. A DivotMark is made when the club strikes the patented DivotSheets, showing exactly where the club made contact, the swing path and club face position. Developed in partnership with Laird Small, a top PGA Instructor, and endorsed by Fred Couples, the DivotMat has a suggested retail price of $99.95. Visit

Wilson Golf introduces new iron set

Wilson Golf is offering a new D-FY iron combo set, a technology driven iron and hybrid combination option for low- to mid-swing speed players looking to improve distance while maintaining performance and precision. The design features a patent-pending propriety co-cured half steel and half graphite shaft technology. The unique combination is the first of its kind and fuses the exceptionally low torque and response of steel with the light weight and vibration-dampening effects of graphite, and weighs only 76 grams. The D-FY technology is a marriage between the distance iron technology at the heart of Wilson Staff's iron legacy and Wilson's FYbrid technology of precise distance gapping. The fully integrated eight-piece set is made up of a 19.5-degree FYbrid utility club, a 4 hybrid, and 5 and 6 super-wide sole mid-irons with hollow core designs to hit the ball higher and longer, and 7i-PW perimeter-weighted cavity-back short irons that allow forgiveness.

The steel tip section provides bending stability and low torque at the hosel to deliver straighter shots on off-center hits. More than 30 grams are removed from the steel shaft and replaced by a high modulus graphite. A strong and durable joint section also provides maximum vibration dampening at the junction of the two materials. The suggested retail price for the Wilson Staff D-FY iron set is $999.99. Visit or call 1-800-622-0444.