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Court asked to clarify Sanford report release

The S.C. House of Representatives has asked the S.C. Supreme Court to clarify its ruling last week on whether a State Ethics Commission investigation of embattled Gov. Mark Sanford can be released to the public.

Greg Foster, spokesman for House Speaker Bobby Harrell, R-Charleston, said the court ruled a disputed investigatory report was a public record. Foster said the House expects to see the report as soon as it is completed.

But the court also said last week the Ethics Commission first must rule on Sanford's pending request to keep the report private before it becomes a public document. Sanford also could appeal the commission decision.

A public document, Foster said, should be released when completed.

Sanford - threatened with impeachment after disclosing an affair and having his expenses questions - has tried to block the report's release, claiming it does not contain his entire defense and could undermine his case.