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Dot bomb

Local TV news station: PLEASE stop saying "by going to your Web site" (which is your Web site) repeatedly during your news cast when you offer info from the Internet. This is extremely annoying.


I recently took a job in sales. If you schedule an appointment with me, please show up. If you express interest in my products and request info and I provide it and follow up with you, return my phone calls and review the info. Your time is not more important than mine, I am in business too!


To all of you pill poppers, stoners and just lazy asses who work in my restaurant in North Myrtle: You will be fired shortly. I'm not losing any more money because of poor quality staff. You make your own choices in this world, but not in my world!


Well, another Veteran's Day has come and gone. The bankers, politicians, postal workers, city government were all off. But the bulk of our vets - the blue collar workers - we were all on the job. AS USUAL! When is some hack politician gonna pass a bill where ALL veterans are off?


Why is there even a town called Atlantic Beach when you have half the politicians in jail, half aren't residents, the cops are in jail, and the residents and council only agree to disagree? The place is a f#*kin' joke!


Excuse me, what? October has now been recognized as LGBT (month)? This is getting a bit ridiculous. If you're gay that's not my business - I don't care to see or hear about it. I'm straight and I don't have a month recognizing the fact that I am straight. A wise man once said: "A conservative is vegan and doesn't eat meat; a liberal is vegan and wants meat to be banned." I think it's time for conservatives to step up to the plate and voice our opinions every now and then!


If more bars and clubs would go smoke-free here they would not close and lose business. The places we have here are too nice for any one to smell like smoke. When N.C. goes smoke-free in Jan. we will see more places here in Myrtle Beach close. The Grand Strand will be the only area on the East Coast where you can still smoke inside. People will go to other places, that's a fact.


So, Surfside Beach people, you got your wish. No smoking! Why isn't every non-smoker from Myrtle to Litchfield crowding the restaurants they said they could not go to because of the smoke?