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Sanford confidant Davis: 'Time to get back to work'

Statement by Tom Davis re: Governor Mark Sanford

Over the past two weeks, South Carolinians have been disappointed, angry and embarrassed by the actions of Gov. Mark Sanford. I share these emotions. We cannot control the unfortunate circumstances that got us to this place, but we can and must control how we now move past them.

I have been Gov. Sanford’s friend for 30 years and the First Lady’s friend during their 20 years of marriage. God willing, we will remain friends for the next 30 years. I have not hidden my concern for Gov. Sanford and the First Lady or my support for them as they try to move forward together.

This is why as a friend, I asked Gov. Sanford on several occasions to consider resigning for the sake of his marriage and his family.

Gov. Sanford told me that discharging the duties of his office would not prevent him from working on that reconciliation, and the First Lady told me the same thing. I am not going to second-guess them in that personal matter.

As a state senator with responsibilities to my constituents, I met yesterday with SLED Chief Reggie Lloyd and Attorney General Henry McMaster to determine whether Gov. Sanford had violated any statutory or constitutional obligations. Both have assured me that Gov. Sanford did not break any laws and that he did not spend public dollars in this process.

Accordingly, unless any new facts are disclosed, I think it is time for me and other public officials to get back to work on the serious challenges facing our state.

That said, and as Gov. Sanford knows, he has no margin for further error in this particular matter. South Carolina simply cannot afford any additional embarrassment.