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A tip of the hat to these local restaurant employees

Front of House

Deane Morris’ name is synonymous with Rossi’s Italian Restaurant. The minute you walk in the door, the distinguished restaurateur greets you at the door with his infamous grin and charming character.

For more than 23 years, Morris has greeted and served thousands of guests in his refined, elegant restaurant. Not only does Rossi’s offer authentic Italian dishes, prepared to perfection, but first-rate service and elegant atmosphere are part of the trademark. “Regular customers feel at home when they walk in the door and see me. They know I’m here to take care of their every need. I make them feel comfortable as well as making sure their seating arrangements are to their satisfaction, and their server is quick to the table to welcome them,” says Morris when asked why he insists on being “front of house.”

“We continuously seat from 4:30 to 11 p.m., six nights a week. You enjoy the same ambience and dining experience no matter what time of the evening you arrive,” says Morris. This is a task that needs careful planning and attention. Morris applauds his co-greeters, Pam Montgomery and Scott Rosencranz, who help make sure things run smoothly.

Great food, superb service and Morris are a few of the many reasons people return to Rossi’s year after year.

At Your Service

To get ahead in the waitress profession, Kristen Harris, a 20-year veteran, says you should have a big smile, positive attitude and an open mind. “Those three things are what our managers stress, and I agree with them,” says Harris, who’s worked at Liberty Tap Room & Grill in Myrtle Beach for the last three-and- a-half-years.

Harris, 38, hails from Baltimore, where her bright smile has pleased famous sports figures like Brooks Robinson and Cal Ripken. She’s also had a pleasant conversation with Maury Povich. “I enjoyed meeting him, he acted like a regular person. He was very nice.”

Even with all the hob-knobbing with stars, Harris says the best part of being a waitress is meeting all kinds of people from all walks of life. “Meeting new people and keeping the regulars happy are the best part of being a waitress. I have set of regulars who come in every Friday. They look for me and I look for them.”

Over the years, dining patrons have become more sophisticated, says Harris. “With the popularity of the Food Network and cooking shows, people are more into presentation and different cuisines. Instead of the average filet mignon, they now want it topped with different sauces, too.”

Though they come with a more discerning palate, people still want good service, says Harris. “Good service makes any meal better.”