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Sanford saga winners, losers

Don’t cry for me, Argentina

LOSER: “I’ve spent the last five days of my life crying in Argentina.”

— S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford

WINNER: A Columbia radio station quickly added the song from “Evita” to its play list.


Reality is not this strange

LOSER: Reality TV.

WINNER: News-talk TV. For instance, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann reveled in calling Sanford “The Bull of the Pampas.” (The Buzz’s personal favorite — The lord of the Pampas — never caught on.)


Please don’t endorse me, OK?

LOSER: State Rep. Nikki Haley, the Lexington Republican who wants to succeed fellow Republican Sanford as governor. Suddenly, a Sanford endorsement, which Haley coveted and seemed close to, isn’t valued; it’s radioactive. Haley removed a picture of Sanford from her campaign Web site.

LOSER II: Since Sanford will not quit, Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer will not get to test drive the governor’s seat before his party’s 2010 primary. Also, some Sanford supporters blame Bauer supporter Jake Knotts, a Lexington Republican, for Sanford’s woes, and they are vowing revenge against Bauer.

WINNER: S.C. Democrats. Sanford was a lame duck already, and S.C. Democrats are yearning to label the GOP nominee as Sanford II. Now, Sanford is an emasculated lame duck. However, it is not true that S.C. Dems have adopted Malbec — an Argentine red wine — as their official adult beverage.

WINNER II: S.C. Attorney General Henry McMaster. The Republican who would be governor is not Haley, and he’s not Bauer-Knotts. And McMaster doesn’t even know where Argentina is. Asked about Malbec, McMaster reportedly replied: “Not yet. But she will be soon.”

— The State