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Experts on how Sanford has handled things

Eric Dezenhall

Apology tour: Thumbs down

"There is no correlation between the quantity of the apology and the extent you survive the crisis. Just the constant talking was mortifying. Everyone thinks it's strategy. It's not. It's therapeutic."

Legal issues: Sanford's Appalachian Trail cover story was "too clever by half. That gets you from the sex issue to the cover-up."

Business as usual: Slight thumbs up

"Often the greatest crisis management strategy is getting back to work. ... The American public really respect your capacity to take it. I can't tell you if he has or hasn't gotten back to work. I can tell you there is a perception that he stopped apologizing and did something else."

Aileen Pincus

Initial confessions: Thumbs down

"The first rule of crisis management is the rule of holes: If you're in one, stop digging."

Apology tour: Thumbs down

"You have to rectify the harm. He hasn't done the necessary work to mend those fences. ... He can't expect people to just empathize with him because they don't want to empathize with him."

Legal issues: Thumbs down

"He's compounding the problem with these legal proceedings. (But) there will be a natural tension between legal and PR efforts."

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