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SC GOP call to include Sanford discussion

The leadership of South Carolina's Republican Party will hold a conference call this afternoon to discuss Gov. Mark Sanford's future.

The call, scheduled for 5 p.m., will follow a mid-afternoon Sanford press conference to discuss "recent political developments."

In July, the S.C. GOP executive committee held an hours-long phone debate before deciding to censure Sanford for secretly leaving the state for five days to travel to Argentina. Sanford later admitted an extramarital affair.

Since then, Sanford's use of business-class airfare, the state plane and other resources have been questioned by the media and others. As a result of the steady stream of news, House Speaker Bobby Harrell and most members of the House Republican Caucus asked Sanford to resign this week, saying he was a distraction and would prevent work from getting done when lawmakers return to Columbia -- particularly if the House has to debate impeaching Sanford, as is expected.

S.C. GOP executive director Ryan Meerstein said party chairman Karen Floyd would release a statement once the call is concluded.

-- John O'Connor

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