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To the redneck driving the red Ford Ranger with a picture of the Confederate Flag in a palm tree on your back window: Thanks for running me off the road on (U.S.) 701 (on) August 26 around 2 p.m. Try looking next time you switch lanes before you kill someone! Learn how to drive!


(S.C.) 544 is a speed-trap and (U.S.) 501 is an unceasing parking lot/pileup. Why is there no way to efficiently travel east and west in Horry County?


To the a-hole who thinks I fu**ed my way to get where I am: Maybe some people know how to get there with right attitude, personality and determination. Karma will get you!


To all the a-holes at the jukebox: You never played "Thriller" or "Billie Jean" before Michael Jackson died so there is really no reason for all of you losers to keep playing them over and over now.


Don't you just hate it when your co-workers think it's OK to go to your station, get your shit and use it whenever they feel like it and not put it back when they're done? I hate that.


Why do the gays get the rainbows when we straights love 'em too?