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Sanford says he told 'a little white lie;' God is on his side

Gov. Mark Sanford says he told "a little white lie" to his staff to conceal his secret trip to Argentina in June to visit his lover. The governor also says God is on his side, and he has no intentions of resigning.

Sanford, in an interview published Tuesday in The Washington Times, said he is disappointed no House Republicans offered to support his bid to save his job in a meeting last week in Myrtle Beach.

But Sanford also said he will fight to stick around, even as members of the General Assembly expect a bill to be filed to impeach Sanford when lawmakers reconvene in January.

Sanford told the Times he would continue to fight for conservative causes and for "what God wanted me to do with my life."

Sanford has been under fire since secretly leaving the state for five days in June, during which his staff was unsure of his whereabouts. For days, Sanford's staff could not reach him. Sanford was met by a reporter at an Atlanta airport returning from Argentina. Sanford had told his staff he was hiking the Appalachian Trail. He later admitted to an extramarital affair with an Argentinean woman.

Sanford has been defending himself during twin probes into his travel expenses and disclosures, one conducted by the S.C Ethics Commission and one by Sen. David Thomas, R-Greenville.

Sanford compared the probes to the inquiries that essentially forced Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin out of office.

-- From staff reports

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