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Making A Deposit

To the girl in the pink exercise gear who dropped drawers and peed or worse on Waccamaw Blvd. beside 501 around 1 p.m. on Saturday, July 25: There is a gas station about 4 blocks up from where you were, not to mention the FOREST that was only a few feet away from where you were crouched down. Just so you know for future reference – no one wants to see your butt – and not to mention, it’s gross to drop down beside a major highway where God and everyone can see you doing your business.


ATTENTION ALL SLOW DRIVERS: can you please drive correctly while driving in the Grand Strand area. If the speed limit is 55 mph, please DO NOT go 45 mph in the left-hand lane. Have respect for the other drivers around you and move over to the right lane. Thanks.


With all the negativity that is raging through this country, maybe it is time for the U.S. citizens to get rid of all the black and white politicians that are running this country and give this country back to the people who were here first...NATIVE AMERICANS!


To the bartender: I hope you didn’t sprain your finger putting the baseball game on before the free concert started. I know there was a free concert outside, I just wanted to watch some of the Angels-Yankees game and not be given a hard time by a lazy bartender. I picked the right bar, free concert, MLB package, but I picked the wrong bartender.


How come all of the yuppies down here with their $300-$400 mountain bikes don’t like to ride in the bike path we have made for them through Murrells Inlet? Instead they’d rather drive in the lane and block traffic for f****** miles when he have enough tourists not knowing what restaurant they want to eat at. To all the yuppies on their mountain bikes and 10-speeds: staying in the f****** bike path.


I’d like to thank all the fine people who eat at the seafood buffets

But to those you who cause trouble, and can’t leave a tip

Please don’t bother to even make the trip

To better satisfy both you and me

Try a place with a dollar menu

You will like it – I guarantee

No one on this beach works as hard to

make sure

The fine people are fed

To those who run nine hours a night

Who serve the best, delicious crab legs


To the fans that went to see Tim Hudson start for the Pelicans last week: It is ok to hoot and holler and make noise while a Major League pitcher is on the mound – he’s used to it. Baseball is not golf; baseball players are not museum exhibits and the ballpark is not a library.