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Commentary: Obama is right to stay out of Iran

President Barack Obama spoke firmly Tuesday about Iran's crackdown on protesters, hinting that the repressive regime risks consequences by not heeding "international norms."

The remarks, made during a news conference, properly conveyed Obama's displeasure over events in Iran following an apparently bogus election. But he appropriately stopped short of interjecting the United States into the Iranian political process.

Obama has started a course of dialogue with Iran. With issues such as the Iranian nuclear program on the table, this dialogue is vital to Middle Eastern stability.

As the president said, the U.S. must avoid becoming "a foil for the Iranian government to try and game what's happening in the streets of Tehran on the CIA or the White House."

The Iranian president is a figurehead position. Authority rests with Supreme Leader for Life Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He even appoints half of the Guardian Council, the other real power in Iran. That's where true change could be made.

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