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OK to splurge? South Carolina shoppers don’t buy it

While some areas of the country are showing signs of a slow thaw in the economy, some South Carolina shoppers remain reluctant to spend their money.

From teenagers to grandmothers, area shoppers said Thursday they weren’t confident the economy was on the rebound.

"I don’t think it looks good at all," said Martha Watt of Sumter. "I'm careful. I know what my limit is."

Watt and her friend Pat Prince, also of Sumter, had been shopping at Stein Mart in Trenholm Plaza. Prince bought several new outfits — all on sale — but Watt left empty-handed. The two women said they are retired and already were following budgets before the recession hit last fall. They worry more about their children and grandchildren than themselves.

"Senior citizens always say, 'I'm on a fixed income,' but really most people are on a fixed income," Prince said.

In other parts of the country, shoppers tired of fretting about every expense are starting to treat themselves again amid tentative signs that the economy may be stabilizing. These splurges — dining on steak instead of hamburger or buying a coveted handbag — are providing a little relief to businesses that are still suffering as spending remains weak.

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