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Gilligan's tries for a second site


I love Gilligan's, and I'm not talking about the island.

I'm talking about the restaurant called Gilligan's.

It is a restaurant known for its fresh seafood and delicious desserts, including the lovely tasting homemade key lime pie. They also serve red rice (white rice cooked with seasoned stewed tomatoes and seasonings), which is better than any I've tasted at a seafood restaurant.

So, I was happy when the Georgetown County Chamber of Commerce announced that a Gilligan's location opened Tuesday in Pawleys Island.

I've eaten at the location in Moncks Corner.

The Gilligan's in Pawleys Island is at 13707 U.S. 17.

It will be open for lunch and dinner.

Call 979-2244.


Look out for odd pennies at CiCi's

Have you found any strange pennies around CiCi's Pizza in Myrtle Beach?

On March 30, there were 1 million pennies dropped around the 650 CiCi's Pizza locations around the country.

This promotional campaign is a part of the company's stimulus package to allow people to win a variety of prizes, including a free meal at CiCi's endless pizza buffet, free drinks and other prizes if you find the winning pennies. Stickers on the back of them peel off to reveal what prizes folks win.

Pennies turned in will also benefit the Boys and Girls Club of America.

To find out more about the penny picker uppers promotion, go to

Our local CiCi's Pizza is at 3553 Northgate Road.

Call 294-2121.