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Flat stick only thing standing in way as first major looms

I'm sitting here in Palm Springs, Calif., getting ready for the first major of the year, the Kraft Nabisco Championship. Not only is this the first major of the year, this is my first Kraft. I've played the last two weeks in Mexico City and Phoenix, trying to get prepared for this week.

I have been hitting the ball really well. The last two weeks have been solid weeks, finishing 16th and 15th, but it can always be better. In the week off before Mexico City, I was out playing with a friend of mine when I noticed how well she got through her left side. After watching her swing, it made me realize that I was falling back on the golf ball and not getting through the ball as well as I should _ which not only made my distances inconsistent, but also made my timing off which allowed for some erratic shots. So I took a few days and worked on my golf swing and now I seem to be hitting the ball a lot more solid and consistent.

Mexico City was a good week for me. I hit the ball really well, allowing myself to stay out of trouble everyday and giving myself a lot of chances at birdie. I didn't putt as well as I would have liked or I would have finished a lot better than 16th. But it was a great week because my dad got to come down and caddy for me again this year. Because of the altitude and the hilly golf course, we use carts during the tournament rounds in Mexico City. Because that is the only tournament of the year that we use carts, my dad comes down and caddies for me and rides in the cart with me. Although he doesn't get too involved in the golf, it's always nice to have him by my side.

Last week in Phoenix was a new golf course that I really enjoyed. Once again I hit the ball well all week, but the flat stick didn't get the job done. It seems a lot of the girls were having a tough time on the greens out there, including the No. 1 player in the world, Lorena Ochoa, who was ready to trade putters with me after Sunday's round. We both figured it couldn't get much worse, so we might as well. If only we could all just putt like that Tiger Woods guy!

So this week is going to be a great week. My mom, dad and sister are all coming to California to watch. Of course my dad wouldn't miss the first major of the year. We are all staying with friends of mine from college, so it's setting up for a great week.

One more week of business, then it's two weeks off for fun where I'll make my first trip to the Masters and I will be playing in the Monday After the Masters charity event at Barefoot Landing for the first time. Looking forward to a great few weeks, starting with a good week in the desert.