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Crime blotter | Horry County

Assault and battery high and aggravated/kidnapping | On February 17 in the Conway area, a female, 27, was staying with a male, 29. She said he was drinking and started talking about her brother. She asked him to take her home and he would not. She said she left walking and he followed and told her if she did not get in the car, he would run over her. She got in and he took her back to his house. She said he threatened to kill her while holding a butcher knife and a sword, and struck her two times, she believed with his hand. She said he locked the front door and stood at the backdoor preventing her from leaving. She said she got out of the house when he asked her to get a check from the mailbox. As an officer questioned her, she changed her story so many times that the officer explained what would happen if she were not telling the truth. She said she did not want to get in trouble, did not want to finish giving the report, and did not want anything done, and she left before the report was finished. The case was closed.

Larceny | On February 16 in the Loris area, a woman said she went to her beauty shop to turn the heat on February 14 and it would not come on. A technician went on February 16 and discovered that both of her AC disconnects were missing.

Bank fraud | On February 15 in the Carolina Forest area, a female subject, 34, of North Carolina, attempted to open an account at a bank with a check from a closed account. The complainant said the woman had tried at other branches to use a check from a closed account at another bank. When bank personnel tried to verify the check, they were told the account was closed and under investigation. The subject denied any involvement in other attempts.

Public disorderly conduct | On February 14 in Garden City, an officer met with two witnesses who said they saw a male, 28, drive his 4-wheeler throughout a golf course, causing damage. Witnesses followed the man as he traveled on the Garden City Connector, turned in behind the abandoned Winn Dixie and crashed into the tree line behind Walgreens. Witnesses coerced the man to stay there until an officer arrived. When the officer began questioning him, he was loud and boisterous, and would not stop yelling and cursing when the officer asked him to. He was arrested.

Breach of peace | On February 14 in the Carolina Forest area, an officer responded to a possible domestic incident, heard a loud banging at the rear of the residence, and found a male suspect, 47, on the back porch, along with overturned flower pots and chairs. The subject appeared highly intoxicated and told the officer that he wanted to spend the night there. He said he did not live there, but sometimes spent the night. The female complainant said she offered to call a taxi for him and told him she was not letting him inside. He became belligerent and started throwing things and cursing loudly, so she called the police. He was arrested.

Burglary | On February 13 in the Carolina Forest area, a complainant said someone had gone into a house that was under construction sometime the night before and taken a flattop range and a microwave.

Assault and battery | On February 13 in Myrtle Beach, an officer met with two male subjects who said that their male landlord, the victim, stormed into their residence and hit them with a hammer. The victim, who had scratches on the back of his leg and several abrasions on and around his face, said the two men assaulted him when he tried to get payment for their rent. Both subjects were highly intoxicated and one had a lump on his knuckles consistent with striking the victim. Another tenant said the door the victim supposedly broke through was damaged several weeks ago. Both subjects were arrested.

Residential burglary | On February 12 in Murrells Inlet, a complainant said someone had gone into her mother's home sometime over the past few days while she was out of town. The officer found evidence on a window ledge. The thief or thieves stole a large brown jewelry box containing numerous items of real and/or sentimental value, including two diamond rings, an opal ring, two wedding bands, one gold and one platinum and gold, a pair of diamond earrings and other items, including many pieces of costume jewelry.

Residential burglary | On February 11 in Surfside, a female victim returned home from work to find the front room of her condo in disarray and items missing. She discovered someone had gone through all three bedrooms and the kitchen taking items. The officer found no signs of forced entry. The male who also lived there was at work, and he said he locked the door when he left. The list of electronics and jewelry taken was so extensive that the officer thought there must have been more than one subject or one subject had made several trips from the condo to a vehicle. The downstairs neighbors said they had been in and out all day and had not seen or heard anyone.

Internet fraud | On February 10, a Surfside man said he advertised a room for rent on on the Internet and received Email from a woman saying she wanted the room. She said she was overseas and looking to come to the United States to work. She sent a check for $2,800 and wanted the man to keep $400 to apply to her first month's rent and send the rest to her travel agent for her airfare. The man learned the check was fake before losing any money. He turned the check and all of the Emails over to the police.