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Myrtle Beach-Area Beach Rules

Myrtle Beach

Changing clothes | No changing clothes or changing into a bathing suit in a public restroom. No changing inside a vehicle if the body is in any way exposed.

Driving on the beach | Not allowed. The exception is to launch or load a boat between Sept. 15 and March 15 at the end of Second Avenue North and at the emergency access at 5400 N. Ocean Blvd.

Fireworks | Prohibited.

Flotation devices | Must be fabric-covered and have a 360-degree rope.

Glass containers | Prohibited on the beach.

Grilling, fires | It is against the law to build any fire or use a grill on the beach or on city-owned land that is adjacent to the beach

Personal beach umbrellas | Have to be at least 10 feet behind lifeguard stands and in a line generally parallel with the ocean strand.

Pets | Not allowed east of Kings Highway between 21st Avenue North and 13th Avenue South from March 1 to Sept. 30.

Sleeping | Not allowed on the beach between 9 p.m. and sunrise; also not allowed in a car between 9 p.m. and sunrise in any public area, including the beach.

Thong bathing suits | Prohibited.

Source | City of Myrtle Beach,

North Myrtle Beach

Alcoholic beverages | Not allowed on the beach.

Driving on the beach | Not allowed, except governmental or emergency vehicles.

Glass or glassware | Not allowed on the beach.

Pets | Not allowed on the beach between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. May 15 to Sept. 15.

Horses | Riding horses or any other animal is not allowed on the beach.

Sleeping on beach | Prohibited between 9 p.m. and sunrise.

Watercraft | Not allowed within 100 yards of the shoreline or within 50 yards of swimmers, unless launching or beaching.

Source | City of North Myrtle Beach,

Surfside Beach

Pets | Not allowed from May 15 to Sept. 15.

Source | Town of Surfside Beach,

Unicorporated Areas

Pets | Not allowed between 9 a.m. and 6 p~m. June 1 to Sept. 1

Surfing Rules

It is unlawful to surf within 300 feet of any pier, and all surfers must wear a surfing leash at all times. In Horry County, surfboard leashes (7-foot maximum length) must be worn at all times.

Surfing Zones

In Horry County | Surfing will not be permitted within 400 feet of a fishing pier at any time.

In Myrtle Beach | From 37th Avenue North to 47th Avenue North and from 62nd Avenue North to 68th Avenue North.

In North Myrtle Beach | Surfing and skimming are permitted beginning at a point 300 feet north of the Cherry Grove Pier and ending at a point 600 feet north of the point of beginning; beginning at a point at 13th Avenue South and ending at a point 600 feet north thereof; beginning at a point at 38th Avenue South and ending at a point 600 feet north; and beginning at a point 150 feet south of Sixth Avenue North and ending at a point 900 feet-north.