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Myrtle Beach Area Boating Information

Boating opportunities abound in the Myrtle Beach area, with rivers, lakes, inlets, bays and the sprawling Atlantic Ocean dotting the landscape. Be sure your boat is properly registered and equipped according to South Carolina Department of Natural Resources guidelines before hitting the water.

Any watercraft with a motor (propelled by mechanized power) must be registered in the owner's name. The registration is valid for 3 years after date of issue and the registration card must be on board while the boat is in operation. All watercraft, including sailboats and outboard motors with 5 horsepower or greater are required to be titled separately.

Documented vessels, windsurfers and vessels propelled by human power with oars, paddles or similar devices do not have to be titled. Boats must have a U.S. Coast Guard approved wearable type PFD for each person on board or being towed and boats 16 feet or longer must carry a Type IV throwable device.

Any person under 12 years of age must wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved Type I, II, III, or V PFD when on board a class A (less than 16 ft. long) boat.A Coast Guard approved hand-held portable fire extinguisher must be aboard each boat less than 26 ft. if the boat is carrying passengers for hire or if the construction permits the entrapment of flammable vapors or if it has a permanently installed gas tank, including gas tanks that use any type of fastener that would hamper the immediate removal of the tank from the boat. Additional extinguishers are required in boats larger than 26 feet.

All boats less than 39.4 feet must carry an efficient sound producing device and all vessels 39.4 to 65.6 feet must carry a whistle and a bell. For more information, visit