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A Texas race that's as bitter as any national campaign

FORT WORTH — If you thought the attacks have been harsh in the presidential race, get ready for some tough TV ads and biting accusations by candidates vying for Texas Senate District 10.

Democratic challenger Wendy Davis started running TV advertisements Friday that paint incumbent state Sen. Kim Brimer, R-Fort Worth, as a servant to special interests and a deadbeat who defaulted on a loan.

A narrator uses the phrases "Brimer prefers the shadows to the spotlight" and "The more we know, the worse it gets."

Just hours after airing its first TV commercials attacking Brimer, the Davis campaign found itself Friday fending off allegations from Brimer’s campaign staff and consultants that she is a "ghost employee" at Republic Title in Fort Worth and that she was paid bonuses for steering business to the company through her position on the Fort Worth City Council.

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