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Crime | Sept. 8


Larceny of an animal | On Sept. 4 in the Conway area, a male victim said he found his Chihuahua puppy missing from his residence. He said the puppy, about 2 months old, was locked inside with three other dogs. A neighbor told him that the landlord had been to the residence with a police officer but did not say he saw the landlord leave with any animals. The victim said there has been an ongoing civil dispute with the landlord.

No tag lights/driving under suspension/giving false information | On Sept. 3 in the Conway area, an officer observed a vehicle without tag lights and stopped it. The driver had a suspended driver's license and was arrested. The officer ran the name of the second subject, who was wanted in Charleston. The officer asked subject 2 for his Social Security number, and the subject gave false information. The subject consented for the officer to search him, and the officer found the correct name that matched the national crime information computer hit. Subject 2 was arrested for giving false information.

Informational report | On Sept. 2 in the Conway area, a complainant said two little girls, about 7 or 8, came home from school and said that a boy, 7, had touched them inappropriately and tried to kiss them while they were on the school bus. Victim 1 said the subject pinched her in the face and slapped her. She slapped him back. Victim 2 said the subject pulled her shirt down, told both victims that he had to (use the bathroom) and exposed himself. The girls said the boy also told them he had a knife and would poke them in the eye but did not show a weapon. Both said they told the bus driver, and the driver told them to sit down, that they would be home soon.

Civil complaint | On Sept. 1 in the Conway area, a male victim said that about a month ago, he saw a man getting ready to throw out a lawnmower. He said he talked with the man, the man gave him the lawnmower, and the victim later had it repaired for $68. On Sept 1, the victim's neighbor observed a van stop in front of the victim's home, and the daughter of the man who gave him the lawnmower got out, retrieved the lawnmower and left. She said the lawnmower belonged to her father, that she has the paperwork for it and that the understanding was that the victim was going to fix it for them.

Informational | On Aug. 27 in the Conway area, an argument ensued after some students exited a bus. The victim got angry and challenged the suspects. The adult complainant told the victim to walk away. The victim and the complainant said the subjects have been harassing and teasing the victim, who is developmentally slow, since school started. The suspects denied they had teased him.

Garden City Beach

Simple assault and battery | On Sept. 3 in Garden City, a female victim, 44, of Conway, said a female subject, about 48, of Murrells Inlet, who is her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend, verbally and physically assaulted her in a parking lot. She said the subject pushed her in the chest about five times, threatened to kill her several times and said she would go to the victim's house and take care of her property.

Simple assault and battery | On Sept. 3 in Garden City, a male victim, 45, said his male neighbor, 55, the suspect, told the victim, who was in a golf cart, that if he hit the suspect's dog, the suspect would kill him. The victim said he stopped his golf cart, and the suspect swung at him and missed. The victim said he defended himself and hit the suspect. The victim said the suspect cursed him and told him that he was going to kill him.

Little River

Criminal domestic violence | On Aug. 30 in Little River, a female victim, 19, said the subject, her husband, 28, threw a bowl at her, striking her in the foot. He then threw a plate, which shattered and hit her leg. Both left bruises, and the victim said she got a bruised lip in a previous incident. The victim left the residence for her safety and is staying with family members.

Myrtle Beach

Financial transaction fraud | On Sept. 3 in Myrtle Beach, a male victim said he checked his bank account and found two transactions for $99 each at a Shell station in Houston, Texas. His bank told him that the original transaction attempt was rejected on Aug. 28. He said there were other transaction attempts from New Jersey.

Assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature | On Sept. 3 in Myrtle Beach, a female victim, 31, said she and her sister-in-law, the subject, 39, started arguing, and the victim pushed the subject. The subject took her two children and left the residence in her vehicle. Turning to drive back past the residence, she yelled a threat to the victim. The victim told the subject to ``come on,'' and the subject swerved her vehicle toward the victim, causing her to jump back.

Harassing phone calls/verbal assault | On Sept. 1 in Myrtle Beach, a complainant said a male victim, 14, had been receiving phone calls from some juveniles and had received six to eight in the last few hours while they were away from home. The victim said the calls came from the subjects in a group that included 16-year-olds, and they would pass the phone back and forth inviting the victim to fight and threatening to beat him up. When the victim and the complainant got home, a neighbor told them that about 10 to 15 kids had been there looking for the victim to fight.

Surfside Beach

Dog bite | On Aug. 29 in Surfside Beach, a male victim was trying to recapture a subject's dog that had gotten lose when a caretaker opened the subject's garage door while the subject was out of town. The caretaker knew the victim was familiar with the dog and asked him to help. The victim had the dog cornered, and when he reached for his collar, the dog tried to bite him. He yelled at the dog and tried to put a leash on him, and the dog bit his hand.