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Georgetown Bulldogs

First-year Georgetown coach Tyronne Davis readily admits all the pieces to the puzzle are at his disposal.

Good athletes. Check. Community support. Check. Administrative support. Check. Don't expect any excuses from Davis. It may not happen this year or next but he expects to turn this annually underachieving program around.

The former defensive coordinator at Carvers Bay has moved across the county with the intent of changing the attitudes inside and outside of the program.

``We're trying to build some confidence in this program, get a little pride back,'' Davis said. ``And a feeling of toughness. That's what we've stressed in practice.''

The Bulldogs ran a spread offense under former coach Barry Avant, but will move to a power running game and 50 defense this fall.

For those schemes to be successful, Davis knows his players will need to be mentally and physically stronger than they were in 2007, when the defense gave up 37.1 points per game. The offense (only 11.8 points per game) wasn't any better.

``It's great to have a new look on things and have a whole new offensive scheme,'' lineman Gary Sessions said. ``I think personally our offensive scheme is going to be a lot better. We're going to run the ball and see what that gets us.

``The run game is Georgetown football. That's what we've always done. I'm ready to get it done.''

Davis understands the rebuilding of his program will be a multi-year process, but he is expecting to make strides this season _ although that may not translate into wins immediately.

``My personal goals for the year is to see that we improve each week,'' he said. ``When the kids start buying into your program and get a sense of toughness and confidence and pride, I think we'll improve as a team. It's a yearly project. I'm thinking in two or three years we'll have the kids [we need] in the program.''