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Police blotter | MB, Surfside, Conway

Shoplifting | On August 17, a complainant at a Myrtle Beach department store said two females came into the store with a baby in a baby stroller. One selected an Energy shirt valued at $19, a yellow duck baby blankie valued at $21, and a pair of Levi jeans valued at $44. She placed them in the baby stroller and both females exited the store into the mall. One of them purchased a pizza in the food court while the other one took the baby and stolen items out of the mall. Both were arrested.

Shoplifting | On August 15 in Surfside, a female victim working in a business reported that someone took her wallet and she had been advised that her credit cards have been used at several Conway businesses for a total of $270. She said she saw two women in the store acting suspiciously earlier in the day.Information only | On August 15, a Myrtle Beach female said her boyfriend has been having problems and has not had a job for a long time. She said she has been putting money in his account. A few days ago, she left to visit her parents and took $300 from the account for her and her child. He called and said he wanted to be reimbursed the $300 or he would bring muscle to get it. He also called her father and said he possibly would go to her workplace to get the money.

Assault and battery | On August 14, a complainant at a Myrtle Beach business said one of his employees made verbal threats, swung at him with a pen and threw papers at him, attempting to cause physical harm.

Harassment | On August 12, a Conway female, the victim, said the subject keeps calling after she told him to stop and has called her six times. She said that the subject is angry because she handles the payroll where they both worked, but he is no longer employed there. He told her, “What goes around comes around.” She also found one of her vehicle tires flat and believes he may have done it.

Burglary | On August 11, a complainant in the Conway area reported finding two back doors unsecure on a rental property on Monday and the washer and drier, the stove, a microwave and the refrigerator gone. The previous tenants had been evicted on Friday. There was a walk through that day and everything was secure. Total value was $2,950.

Simple possession of marijuana | On August 9, an officer on routine patrol at Hughes Landing walked up to a subject, 19,of Aynor, who was setting up a tent, spoke with him, and then looked into the vehicle the subject and several other individuals arrived in. He noticed a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana in the ashtray and asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle. They said they had some marijuana and the subject claimed it. The officer searched the vehicle and found four beers, which the subject also claimed, and he found some pills. All substances were seized and placed into evidence.