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Police blotter | Conway, Loris

Harassment/Unlawful use of telephone | On August 10 in the Loris area, a female victim reported that the female subject continues to call and bother the victim and her husband. The victim said the subject is trying to get prescription medication from the victim’s sick husband, and the victim has told her to stop calling because her husband wants nothing to do with her. The subject also continues to come to the house of the victim.

Criminal domestic violence | On August 10 in the Conway area, a female victim said she and the male subject were involved in an argument. She said they had never had a relationship other than the time that the child they have in common was created. She said the subject came by to see the child and began yelling at the child about what the child was wearing, and then she and the subject began arguing and became mutually physical by pushing and placing their hands on each other.

Dog bite | On August 8 in Little River, a male victim said he and his neighbor, the subject, have adjoining yards, and the neighbor’s dog came into his yard and a fight broke out between the neighbor’s dog and his dog. The victim tried to separate the dogs and was bitten. The subject took the victim to the hospital for treatment. The victim and the subject said the dogs have free reign between yards, but usually don’t go into each other’s yards because they are territorial and have fought before.

Criminal domestic violence | On August 8 in the Conway area, a female victim said she and her boyfriend, the subject, were having an argument over her calling her ex-boyfriend. The subject was pushing the victim in the face, and when he was moving things, she poured bleach on him and his clothes, and he slapped her in the face. When the officer arrived, couches and clothing were thrown in the yard. The victim said she did strike the subject but only after he struck her. Both had bleach splash marks and the subject’s right side was covered with bleach. The victim and the subject were taken to jail.

Unlawful use of phone/verbal threats | On August 10, a Conway man said the subject, his ex-girlfriend, of Myrtle Beach, had called that day threatening to kill him and to call the police and make allegations of assault and battery and rape. He said he was out on bond for criminal domestic violence and assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, and the subject is the person who allegedly made the charges against him. The complainant said the subject has a restraining order against the complainant but still called him five times that day.

Harassing phone calls | On August 8, a Garden City man, the victim, said a Murrells Inlet man, the subject, keeps calling, texting and emailing him after being asked not to. The victim said the subject has previously assaulted him and he is in the process of getting a restraining order. The messages the subject sends are to get the victim to talk to the subject and to go get beers with him.

Information/property give-up | On August 6, a Conway man called police and gave them all of the bullets he had after he received a call from another man, the subject, asking for 9 mm bullets. He told the caller he did not have any 9 mm bullets. He became concerned when he learned from the subject that the subject wanted to kill his own stepfather.