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Myrtle Beach, Western Horry County | Aug. 6


Unlawful use of telephone/threats by phone | On July 29 in the Aynor area, a male victim, 69, said his grandson, 24, the suspect, called and told him that he was going to come over and kill him and burn his house down. The victim said the subject had stolen some things from him the night before, and he had made a police report. The suspect was located. He admitted that he called and threatened his grandfather, and he was arrested.

Missing person | On July 22, an Aynor woman, 42, the complainant, said her husband, 42, was missing. She said he was wanted in Florida and had been hiding from the police. She last saw him on May 14. He had been hiding in the woods near the residence. Because of a couple of incidents with his boss, subject 2, the woman felt that her husband's life was in danger. A third party had told her that subject 2 said he planned to put a bounty on the subject. The subject, who is bipolar and supposed to be on medication, has his three children's names tattooed on his chest, a goat's head with a male torso and ``Edward'' tattooed on his right arm, and a wizard tattooed on his left shoulder.


Vehicle theft | On July 29 in Conway, a male victim called to report that he left his vehicle parked at a restaurant, with the management's permission, while he was in Charleston in drug rehab. An employee of the restaurant called him to tell him that his vehicle had been stolen.

Simple assault and battery | On July 29, a Conway female, 53, said she and her brother, 44, had an argument about her dating people in the past, and he said he would ``knock the snot out of her.'' She struck him under his chin with a coffee mug, and he struck her repeatedly, knocking her to the ground. A witness said the subject and victim's mother was hospitalized with terminal cancer, and the two parties had a dispute that day at the hospital concerning their mother's care and the past dating of the mother and the victim.

Shoplifting | On July 28 in the Conway area, an officer responded to a complainant at a grocery store who caught a female, 20, attempting to steal a 24-ounce tub of cottage cheese.

Burglary | On July 27 in the Conway area, an off-duty Horry County police officer observed a subject going into a shed at a residence. He tried to contact the homeowner, who was not home. The officer saw the subject leave the shed with a red gas canister and followed him to a grocery store parking lot where he was arrested.

Malicious damage | On July 22 in Conway, a female victim said a female subject tore up the victim's government unemployment check. The victim gets her mail at the incident location, where the subject lives. The victim said the subject informed her that the subject also destroyed the victim's check from the subject's current boyfriend, who is the victim's ex-boyfriend and the father of the victim's child. The officer responded to the location based on a call from the victim that the subject was fighting with, and possibly injuring, the subject's boyfriend. The officer did not find a torn check or evidence of such.

Larceny | On July 22, a Conway-area man reported the theft of an unknown number of motorcycle parts from his repair shop, including heads, full motors and radiators. As the victim was riding down the road, he saw a truck carrying a large load of motorcycle parts. He said he knew the parts were his and got the tag number from the truck. An investigator ran the tag and went to the subject's residence, but no one was home. He then stopped by a car-crushing business and found that the subject had just left after dropping off 1,600 pounds of motorcycle parts.

Civil dispute/verbal assault | On July 22 in Conway, a victim, 20, said the subject, her female roommate, 20, was in the process of moving out. They argued about owed rent and lease violations. The argument got heated, and the subject threatened the victim and threw her laptop on the floor. The victim said the subject kicked open her bedroom door from the inside, putting a hole in it. The subject denied the threats and the damage to the door, which was approximately $150.

Violation of protection order | On July 21, a Conway woman said the subject, her ex-boyfriend, went by her house and left a note saying he missed her and the kids, and a note asking where his motorcycle and tiller were. She said he took his clothes, along with a small refrigerator and a small outdoor table. Since he violated the order of protection she had against him, a judge issued a warrant for his arrest.

Incorrigible child/runaway | On July 20, a Conway woman was looking for her granddaughter, 15, who was staying at a friend's house for the night. The subject's friend called the grandmother and told her that the subject was at a party near Nichols. The responding officer went to the party location, but no one was home. He noticed a lot of tire tracks in the front yard. The officer called several numbers trying to locate the subject, and one person told him what kind of car she was riding in. Other units saw the vehicle, performed a traffic stop and found the subject. The subject said she was supposed to hang out with a friend, that she was probably at the party but did not know where it was. She said she called her grandmother at 9 p.m., but her grandmother denies that. She also said her friend was sleeping with everyone, and that's why she wound up where she was. At 4 a.m., just before she was found, the subject called her grandmother and said she was on the way home. The grandmother said the subject has a history of running away and had already been ``sent off.''


Use of a vehicle without owner's consent | On July 22, a Loris reported his truck stolen. He said he broke up with his girlfriend on July 20. His truck was in his yard when he left on the 22nd and was gone when he returned. He said he saw his ex-girlfriend driving the truck, but she did not have permission. The victim and the subject have three children, have lived together for five years, and she drives the truck on a regular basis. The officer called the subject, who said the victim had told her that she could use the truck at any time to take the children to the doctor, and that she would return it that day.

Dog bite | On July 20 in Loris, a man said he was trying to let his nanny, 86, into the house when his dog jumped on her and bit her in the abdomen and other places. The victim was treated at a local hospital. The dog was transported to the Horry County Humane Society.


Simple assault and battery | On July 31, a Virginia man vacationing in Myrtle Beach said he was sitting by a pool watching people play golf on a nearby course and had just put his child down when he looked up and a golf ball hit him in the forehead. He saw a male with a red shirt and moustache leave after the incident. The officer saw swelling and bleeding near the man's eye. EMS treated him on the scene.

Stolen vehicle/recovered | On July 31 in Myrtle Beach, a man reported that his golf cart had been stolen. The officer had answered a call earlier about an illegally parked golf cart, and he had the cart picked up by a towing company. He described the cart to the man, who said it was his, and the officer told him where he was.

Forgery/larceny of personal checks | On July 29 in Myrtle Beach, a female victim said she learned that her bank account was overdrawn and that someone had used newly ordered checks that she had not received. Copies of the checks showed they were made out to 10 different people, and the victim's signature, or her husband's signature, had been forged. Her debit card was used to bet on horses and to purchase drugs on the Internet. The amount stolen was $22,000.

Harassment | On July 29 in Myrtle Beach, a female victim said she has been harassed and bothered by her neighbor who ``gives her the finger'' from inside her house, wanders around her fence and is a nuisance to the neighborhood. At one time, the subject was harassing the victim by phone. The victim is concerned for her safety due to the subject's behavior being so erratic and unusual. The officer advised the victim that no crime had been committed.

Harassment | On July 29 in Myrtle Beach, a female victim, 52, said her ex-husband, 41, had someone call her pretending to be an Horry County police officer. The caller told her that a warrant had been issued for her for harassment. She talked with the subject a second time, and he said he was a police officer. The responding officer found no record of any warrant on the woman. She also said the subject had called her earlier and wanted to have phone sex, and she recorded that call.

Lost property | On July 21, a Myrtle Beach man went to police headquarters and said he could not find his passport that he stored in his house six years ago.