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Carolina Forest, Western Horry County | July 15


Information only | On July 9, a Carolina Forest woman said her ex-boyfriend, who is in prison in another state, made threats to her through a third party. The victim did not speak English, and a victim's advocate translated the incident report for her.

Court order violation | On July 9, a Carolina Forest woman said a man she has a restraining order on has been texting her on her phone. A police officer saw one of the messages.

Information only | On July 9, a Carolina Forest woman said she had visiting rights and went to pick up her children for the weekend, but their father, his live-in girlfriend and the kids had moved out of the house, and she did not know where they were. She called the girlfriend, who would not tell her anything.

Court order violation | On July 2 at Carolina Forest, a man said his common-law wife went to his place of employment, got very angry, sprayed him with pepper spray and pointed a gun at him, threatening his life.

Trespassing | On July 1, a Carolina Forest woman said there was an ongoing dispute between her son and subject 1, a 22-year-old male, and several trespass warnings had been issued to subject 1. Subject 1 arrived at her house to return some of her son's belongings without the consent of her or her son, and she called police. Subject 1 was gone when police arrived.


Simple assault (verbal threats) | On July 5 in Aynor, the victim, a male, said he was verbally assaulted by the suspect, his brother, who is living in Aynor with the victim's wife. The victim said he spoke with his wife on the phone, and she became very angry. Their son called her back and asked why she was so angry with his father. The suspect took the phone, cursed at the victim's son and threatened to go over there and beat everybody.

Trespassing | On June 29 in Aynor, the suspect walked up to a residence while an estranged husband, the victim, was visiting his kids, and the victim asked him to leave because they were all leaving. The subject asked if he could come back when the husband was gone, and the wife told her husband to tell him again to leave. The victim and his family looped around, came back by, and the subject was sitting there in his truck. They told him again to leave. Later, the wife said she heard a noise outside and looked out to see the suspect's truck. She called her landlady who chased him off. She also called police and got a new door lock.


Larceny air conditioner | On July 10, a Conway man said someone took his air conditioner while he was away from home. The responding officer noticed wide truck tire prints and a dolly nearby that had probably been used to take the air conditioner.

Unlawful use of telephone | On July 9 in Conway, the complainant, a Carolina Forest man, said someone who used to live in the mobile home park he owns called and said he would kill him and burn down all of the trailers in the park. The responding officer called the number back and told the person who answered to avoid contacting the complainant.

Malicious damage | On July 9, a Conway man said he found a broken window at his residence, valued at $225, and a golf ball on the floor beneath it. He said several people in the neighborhood have had problems with golf balls hitting homes, and he had picked up several in his yard.

Theft of tailgate | On July 8, a Conway man went to a doctor's office, and while his truck was parked there, someone stole the tailgate. He said he saw a truck go by that was very dirty but had a clean white tailgate like his. He was not able to get the tag number.

Malicious damage to animal | On July 7, a Conway man said his two juvenile daughters were at home and heard something that sounded like thunder and then heard their dog yelp. They located the dog, and he was injured. A veterinarian verified that their dog had been shot. The girls did not see a vehicle or anyone around when they went outside to see what happened.

Criminal domestic violence | On July 7, a Conway woman said a man, who used to be her boyfriend and lived with her from 1998 to 2000, uses profanity and makes violent gestures toward her when she sees him. She fears for her life because he is always in her neighborhood, and she is even afraid to go to the neighborhood's mailboxes when he is around.

Public disorderly conduct | On July 4 in the Conway area, police responded to a fight, but when they got there, all of the participants had fled the scene except one man who was hiding in the woods line. When he did not come out after police told him several times to do so, an officer pulled him from the woods and arrested him.

Loss of transaction card/transaction card fraud | On July 4, a Conway woman, the victim, said she allowed her daughter to use her credit card due to the victim's disabled condition. The daughter said someone must have stolen the card while she was busy with a customer at her job. The card had been used at two stores for a total of about $600.

Public disorderly conduct | On June 29 in the Conway area, police responded to a call about an intoxicated subject trying to assault people. Several people were on the porch when the officer arrived. He asked who the aggressor was, and the suspect said he would assault the officer, who then arrested him and transported him to the J. Reuben Long Detention Center.

Possible stolen property | On June 26, a Conway-area car-crushing company called police about three subjects who brought in a 2004 Kia Rio to be crushed for money. A female subject first told police it was her friend's car but finally admitted that she stole it in West Virginia and drove to Virginia Beach, Va., where she met the two other subjects who did not know the vehicle was stolen. She was arrested and taken to the J. Reuben Long Detention Center.

Larceny/obtaining goods by false pretense | On June 26, a Conway woman, 60, said her son, 40, was taking things from her home and pawning them. She found a pawn slip in his home and went to the pawn shop. Items returned to her included a lawnmower valued at $1,000, a trailer valued at $500, a chainsaw valued at $100 and a weed eater valued at $100. The suspect was arrested.