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Myrtle Beach | July 9

Information/suspicious person | On July 1 at the Myrtle Beach International Airport, a victim, 22, said she met the suspect, 47, of Surfside Beach on the Internet while living in Montana. He offered her a job for $1,000 per week and room and board as an executive assistant, working out of his house/office, and paid her airfare to Myrtle Beach. For six days, he asked how she would feel about talking dirty to people or spanking people or more obscene things. She said she would do none of that and should go back home. He agreed to pay her airfare, took her to the airport, gave her an envelope containing her pay and drove away. The envelope contained $17. She said the suspect never touched her inappropriately but owed her $1,000. The responding officer called the suspect, who said the woman agreed to be affectionate and was to be paid $500 to $1,000 per week. He said he paid her $120 on arrival, $35 for contacts, room and board, and $347 at the airport, and she should pay her own way back home. The victim was advised she could see a magistrate. She asked police for help getting back home. Police contacted a charitable organization and transported the woman there after the organization said they would help her get home.

Shoplifting | On July 2 at a Myrtle Beach business, a complainant said an employee saw a female, 18, of Lugoff, take a pair of Chum's sunglass retainers and walk around the store before removing and disposing of the tags in another area. Police arrived, arrested her and took her to the J. Reuben Long Detention Center. A complainant at the same business called police on July 5 after observing two suspects put $49 worth of fishing tackle in a yellow bag and walk out. The complainant walked both suspects to the back of the store and waited for police. Both were arrested, and the items were returned to the store.

Malicious damage | On July 2 in Myrtle Beach, a female, 23, parked her car at a drive-in restaurant, and the subject, a 22-year-old woman, broke her windshield. An individual who saw it described the woman who broke the windshield, and the victim said it was an ongoing pattern of behavior. Because of the history between them, the victim wanted it documented.

Simple assault and battery | On June 25 in Myrtle Beach, subject 4 said he saw victim 1 and victim 2 rolling around on the ground and called police. He said he did not ask victim 2 and subject 3 to come there. Subject 3 said victim 1 assaulted victim 2. The responding officer could not determine which one was the primary aggressor.