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Myrtle Beach | July 8

Suspicious activity |On June 30 at the Myrtle Beach International Airport, an employee reported seeing a man trying to breach the fence into the main fuel farm. When he looked around again, the man had either hidden or hopped the fence. Another employee and the police officer helped search the area but could not find the man.

Lost property | On June 28 at the Myrtle Beach International Airport, a woman told police she rented a car from a company there and left her purse in it. She called to inform the business and returned. An employee gave her back her purse, and she gave him $10, but he gave it back when she informed him that items were missing. Police interviewed and Mirandized four employees. One employee said the purse contained two lipsticks and two motel card keys, which he threw away. The officer went through a trash can but did not find the missing items, which included an Olympus digital camera valued at $450, a silver ring with a heart on it, a silver ring with the moon and stars on it, and a silver ring with a pink stone.tfpoyblkInformation onlytfglbcen | On June 26, a Myrtle Beach woman said someone accessed her AOL account. An officer called the fraud hotline for the victim.

Loud noise | On June 25 in Myrtle Beach, police responded to a report of loud noise and found two vehicles pouring concrete before 7 a.m. The officer gave them a courtesy notice on the county's noise ordinance and explained that they could not make loud noises before 7 a.m. without a special permit.

Simple assault and battery/malicious damage/trespassing | On June 25, an officer responded to a call from victim 1, who said he was assaulted by victim 2. Only victim 1 was present. Victim 1 said victim 2 and subject 3 went to the address to check on subject 4. Victim 1 stepped outside, told victim 2 and subject 3 that subject 4 was fine and wanted them to leave, and victim 2 started assaulting him. Victim 1 got up and threw large rocks at victim 2's van. Victim 2 got out and attempted to assault him again. Victim 1 jumped into victim 2's van because he was afraid, drove it down the road and threw the keys in the woods. Victim 2 was at the van and told police victim 1 assaulted him. He had slight swelling around one eye, and his van's windshield and a rear window were broken. Victim 1 had abrasions under one eye, on his nose, elbow and knee.