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Conway | July 7

Stolen vehicle | On July 1, a Conway man, victim two, said he rented a small U-Haul box van with a white and orange cab from a Myrtle Beach business, victim one, and left it parked on the grass in front of his home. He left it unlocked with the keys under the driver’s seat, and when he returned, the vehicle was missing. He said there was a white stove, a white dishwasher and a gray air conditioner inside the vehicle.

Harassment/verbal threats | On June 30, a Conway man, victim one, said the subject, a Conway woman, approached him at a store and started cursing at him. Victim two said the subject approached her at church and began yelling and cursing at her. The subject drove by victim one’s house, used profanity toward him and made threats about bodily harm toward victim two, who was not there at the time. Victim one said the incident stemmed from the subject’s property across the street from his house.

Simple assault | On June 30, two Conway men were involved in a minor vehicle wreck. The victim said he got out to talk with the subject, and the subject made rude gestures with his hands and opened his passenger door, striking the victim’s left arm and leaving a small scratch. The subject said he did not mean to hit the victim with the door and that the victim approached him acting disorderly.

Burglary 2nd/larceny petit | On June 30, a Conway woman, 22, said she was missing a gold rope bracelet. Having suspected that it was stolen when someone broke into her parent’s home, she went to a pawn shop and found it, and someone at the pawn shop referred her to the police. Her friend admitted to taking the subject to the pawn shop and verified that the subject had possession of the bracelet.

Harassment/threats | On June 28, a Conway woman, 22, said she has an ongoing problem with a neighbor, 45, who has been harassing and threatening her. He calls her profane names and threatens to hurt her, and he scares her.

Found property | On June 28, police responded in rural Conway for a found golf cart that was reported stolen. The witnesses, a North Myrtle Beach man and a Conway man, said someone told them the golf cart was there, and when they got there, two juveniles were attempting to remove the front bumper from it. The juveniles said a friend, known only by his first name, loaned them the golf cart, and when they tried to drive it back, a law enforcement officer stopped them and told them to go home. The roof and windshield were missing. The owner took it home. The juveniles were taken into custody and later released to parents/guardians, and the case was referred to the Department of Juvenile Justice.