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Conway, Myrtle Beach | July 3


Harassing phone calls | On June 30, a Conway woman said a subject borrowed her Jeep the night before and did not return it. She and her husband located the Jeep at a motel and recovered it. She said the subject had been calling and harassing her, and said he would have a gang of people go over there and (mess) her up.

Financial transfer fraud | On June 30, a Conway man reported that he went to the post office and signed for a registered letter that contained a notice of instructions and five American Express travel checks valued at $2,500. Police officers took everything as evidence.

Information only | On June 30, a Conway man said his estranged wife had gone into their residence, where neither of them were living at the time, and taken two television sets, a hot dog cooker, their kids’ report cards and a stereo system. He said their final divorce hearing was coming up soon, and she was not supposed to be in the residence.

Recovered stolen vehicle | On June 30 outside Conway, a police officer responded to a suspicious vehicle call and found a 1999 Blazer that had been reported stolen in the city of Conway. He called the vehicle’s owner, who went and took possession of it.


Confiscated property | On June 30 at the Myrtle Beach International Airport, officers responded to a call from screening in connection with prohibited items. They confiscated from a man on his way home to Philadelphia, Pa., a Killer Bees Shower of Sparks fireworks and a cardboard box in the shape of a tank that emits flames and sparks.

Drug paraphernalia | On June 28, police responded to the Myrtle Beach International Airport to a baggage area where a TSA officer had discovered what appeared to be marijuana and a hit pipe. The police officer performed a drug test, and the results were negative. There were no warrants on the subject. Police seized the residue and pipe, and permitted the 46-year-old subject to fly home to Connecticut.

Public disorderly conduct | On June 27, police responded to a call at the Myrtle Beach International Airport about an intoxicated subject on a plane. A captain said the passenger was smoking and put his cigarette out when he was asked to, but he was profane to other passengers, who had complained upon entering the plane. Flight attendants said they had served the subject two drinks. The subject was profane to the police officer on the way to police headquarters. His eyes were bloodshot, he was unable to walk normally, and he was loud and uncooperative with officers, who arrested him and transported him to jail.

Found property | On June 27, a police officer responded to the Myrtle Beach International Airport on a call about found property and took that property, a Snap Go Baby Trend stroller, to the police property room.

Larceny | On June 25, a complainant at a Myrtle Beach business said someone stole two bronze, stone lion statues, each about 3 feet tall, from the front of the business. Each weighed 50 to 100 pounds. There were no surveillance cameras. The report was similar to other recent reports of animal statue thefts.