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Myrtle Beach, Surfside | July 1


Criminal domestic violence | On June 30, an officer responded to a hospital emergency room where the victim said her ex-boyfriend, who used to live with her, struck her with a closed fist. The officer noticed a slight swelling of her lips. The victim said that after a party/get-together that night, her father went to the house and made everyone leave. After her father left, the suspect struck her for no reason.

Malicious damage to vehicle | On June 29, a victim said he parked his van in a parking lot, and someone broke into it. The officer noticed a circular shatter pattern and impact star on the driver’s side, and a small bottle holder and a broken beer bottle beside the van. No one saw anything.

Trespassing | On June 29, a Myrtle Beach complainant said a subject had been warned to stay off the property at a resort, but he was grossly intoxicated and returned. The subject had to be physically removed by police, was arrested and transported to the J. Reuben Long Detention Center.

Shoplifting/Simple assault and battery | On June 27, a store’s loss-prevention person observed a man putting items into a bag from another store and tried to stop him when he was leaving. The shoplifter pushed by him, and the loss-prevention person fell, and then the shoplifter hit him in the back of his head about five times before running to the parking lot, getting in a vehicle and leaving. The loss-prevention person got the tag number, and when the police officer arrived, he ran it and recognized the name as someone he had arrested twice before for shoplifting. He had a copy of the suspect’s driver's license with him and showed it to the employee, who verified that it was the man.


Public disorderly conduct | On June 23, an officer was explaining their rights to both parties in a dispute at a motel. The manager wanted both parties evicted and placed on trespass notice. One subject was sober and left. The officer had seen the other subject staggering. He smelled of alcohol and had red, bloodshot eyes. Refusing the officer's offer to call someone to come get him, he said he had no place to go. He was arrested, and he cursed the officer on the way to the Surfside Police Department, where he refused to answer questions. Later, while the officer was taking him to the J. Reuben Long Detention Center, he was kicking the officer's seat and spitting. The officer had the jail van and another officer meet him and take control of the subject.