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Carolina Forest, Conway | July 1


Malicious damage | On June 28, a resident reported that someone unknown had cut her screen door and unlocked it to gain access to her pool area. Nothing else was disturbed, and nothing was missing.

Lost wallet | On June 27, a man reported that he was riding his motorcycle on Carolina Forest Boulevard, and his wallet had fallen out. It contained his driver’s license, Social Security card, green card, a Visa credit card and three debit cards. He had already canceled all of the cards.

Shoplifting | On June 25, a business reported that suspicious-acting females had been in the store, and when they left, the complainant discovered several items, valued at $1,852, were missing, including five pairs of Versace sunglasses, three pairs of D & G sunglasses and an unknown-brand watch.

Theft of car parts | On June 25, a resident reported that someone had stolen the radiator out of her 1995 Honda Civic while it was parked outside her residence overnight. The side window had been pried open to gain access to the hood-release lever.

Public nuisance | On June 20, a resident complained that his neighbor’s dogs barked all night and kept him up. He said he had tried to work it out with the neighbor to keep the dogs quiet but had not been able to.


Assault and battery high and aggravated nature| On June 29, a Conway man in the hospital emergency room said about five males had beaten him. The victim was a suspect in another case. He said one man choked him out, and when he woke up, a man assaulted him, and a car ran over him. He said it was because he was trying to stop drug dealing in that location.

Petit Larceny/malicious damage | On June 28, a Conway woman said the suspect took her medicine sometime during the day. There was a broken window in the bedroom where the suspect, her ex-boyfriend, used to live and a broken smoking device, aka a bowl by the window. The suspect denied everything.

Assault and battery | On June 27, a complainant and a victim said a juvenile male assaulted the victim for arguing with his sister. The victim left, but the suspect grabbed him by the neck and pulled him back inside the residence. The victim got under a bed, and the suspect pulled him out by his ankles, held him face down on the floor and tried to beat him, but another household member stopped him. The suspect assaulted the victim again, and when the victim dodged to get away from his fist, the victim hit a chair and busted his upper lip. The subject and victim have a history of violence.

Stolen vehicle | On June 23, a Conway woman had trouble with her car and pushed it near an address on Bucksport Road. It was last seen in the same location with two flat tires. A resident saw two men take the car away, and the owner did not know who took it.

Harassing phone calls | On June 23, a Conway woman said she and her husband are going through a divorce, and she got 10 phone calls from him and could verify eight. She did not answer, and he did not leave messages, but she was concerned for the safety of her home and family, since he has a history of violence.


Petit larceny | On June 27, an Aynor man said someone entered his residence through an unsecured window and took two bottles of medicine, a pair of leather gloves and a pair of shorts. No one saw anything.