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Western Horry County | June 27


Burglary | On June 23, a Aynor woman said someone had gone in her residence and taken an X-Box gun console valued at $300, a watch with an eagle on the front valued at $50, 40 necklaces valued at $1,000, 10 bracelets valued at $40 and two gold rings. She said her husband, who did not live there, had been by earlier to get some of his things, and she thought he might have taken her belongings.


Malicious damage | On June 23, a Conway woman said an unknown suspect or suspects flattened two tires, valued at $160 each, on her vehicle while it was parked at her apartment building.

Burglary | On June 23, a Conway man said another man went to his house to get some money, and when he left, the victim’s safe containing his medications and some jewelry, was missing. The suspect returned and told the victim he was going to kill him, and then fled before police arrived.

Civil matter | On June 23, a Conway woman said her daughter’s ex-boyfriend had her daughter’s surfboard and refused to give it back to her. Her daughter and the suspect lived together until they broke up about three weeks before.

Simple assault and battery | On June 19, a Conway woman said a man walked up and slapped her face outside a convenience store. She went inside and waited for a police officer, who observed swelling on her face.